I’ve been on edge today due to some brewing family drama.  It’s been bumming me out all day.  It might not even be a something but I don’t think I’ll be that lucky this time around.

I have some relatives visiting from out of town.  They’ve been busy with different activities throughout the week and decided to end their visit with a day at my parents’ house today.  There is always a bit of tension surrounding some of the relatives and my mom could probably end it by just laying everything on the table, but that has yet to be done.  Sooo, some visits are good and some visits feel like torture.  All depending on the moods of one or more people.

Earlier this week my mom told me about the gathering today (Sunday) and I told her I knew we would be kind of busy this weekend, but if I we could come by we would.  She didn’t say too much about it, she sort of tried to coax me into a definite yes, but stopped short.  The guilty part of me says that we don’t see these relatives as often as we used to and I should make the effort, but the part of me that made the decision to stay home is the one that doesn’t like to be jerked around by people.  How much discomfort should you endure just for the sake of someone being a blood relative?  Am I wrong for not putting forth the effort?

This morning my mom called me, in front of relatives, and pushed for an answer as to whether or not I would be coming over.  I told her it was unlikely.  After I hung up the phone I was downright PISSED.  She knew how I felt about it and put me in a bad position.  My mom tends to put my feelings last in situations like this.  She made that phone call to take some of the pressure off of herself.  Whatever, I don’t even know if I’m explaining my anger right.    I just want today to end.


4 thoughts on “Pensive

  1. I’m sorry your mom pulled you into the drama. I think you’ll be glad eventually that you stood up for yourself, even though now it just feels messy and hurtful that your mom wouldn’t respect your decision without pushing. 😦

  2. I kinda agree on this one. Loyalty is one thing but standing up to toxic drama is another.

  3. Sounds like a crappy situation all around. Sorry – I hope it didn’t ruin your whole Sunday!
    When I nannied, the family had this rule that if the kids asked if their friends could come over while the friends were present, the answer would be an automatic no. Too bad you can’t give your mom that same rule…

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