Building Sites

Today Brenda and Bug came over.  Brenda was kind enough to help create a new site for my biz.  Her and Fish were a powerhouse today.  They worked all day long while I watched the kids.  When I say “watched the kids” I mean I just sat on my butt while the kids ran around the house playing with each other.

My girls were happy to show Bug our visiting cat friend.  I don’t know what the rules are of outdoor cat ownership, but we may or may not have a pet.  He’s a sweet little guy.  The girls named him Crayon at first but it seemed like kind of a strange name for a cat.  I just called him Hobo because he’s our little hobo friend, coming by for a meal or two.  He’s such a cutie.

So, anyway, Brenda and Fish worked their butts off and almost completed my entire website.  Here’s a preview…


4 thoughts on “Building Sites

  1. I don’t think Crayon is a weird name for a cat! Then again, I grew up with a girl dog named Grover, after Grover on Sesame Street. Every time we introduced someone new to our dog, it went like this, “And this is our dog, Grover. No, not Rover, Grover. No, she’s a girl.” 🙂 We also had a yellow tabby cat named Ernie that was a girl. My brother had two cats named Chuck and Styx (after the river of greek mythology, not the band). Our first cat was named Koshka, which is Russian for “female cat.”

    Hobo is a good name, though. Did you know that during the Great Depression when people rode the rails, hobos had their own sort of code? They would mark houses with symbols so their fellow hobos would know if it was a good house to dig through the trash or ask for a meal, or if they should avoid a certain house. The symbol for a kind lady who would offer a meal was a cat!

  2. I love all the cat names. I guess Crayon isn’t any weirder than a cat we had in the past named Poker.

    I forgot about the hobo symbols, how funny.

  3. Yeah, I’m digging it too. I’m trying to figure out if I should be doing something about finding this cat’s true home. I have to admit that it’s a little hard to keep from opening that back door and just letting him in to hang with us in the house. This has been the perfect arrangement for my pet starved children 😛

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