Yesterday I had planned on a leisurely day at home, keeping the girls cool inside with the air conditioners running.  FAIL.  They were so restless and practically climbing the walls.  By the time I realized it was going to be a loooong day, it was too late to go anywhere without baking to death.  I called my mom in the late afternoon and told her I would be over with the girls the next day to get the ants out of their pants.

I’m so glad I made that decision.  Today was even hotter than yesterday and it was nice to have the kids running around outside getting some fresh air and cooling off in the pool.  They were also able to visit with my nephew who has been over there all week.  Sprite and he are closest in age and they spend a lot of time together.  It’s fun to see Sprite interact with a boy.  She like to pull the “that’s for girls” card whenever he has something that she wants.  She’s a sly one, that Sprite.

I was able to catch up with my mom on all the latest family gossip news and I even had a chance to visit with my dad longer than normal.  Usually he is too busy with one or more of the grandkids to relax.  By the end of our visit my mom and I were chatting away in the kitchen while my dad had all four kids surrounding him as he played video slots on the computer, haha.

I think my leaving home was good for Fish also.  It’s been a while since he’s had the house completely to himself.  I think he enjoyed the peace and quiet.

A good day for all – WIN!


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