For as long as I can remember I always knew I wanted to be a mom.  I would think about the kids I would have, what their names would be, which of my features they would share, etc.  The thing is, I never pictured myself as a mom of girls.  I always thought I would have boys.  Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of girly girl interests.  I spent so much time playing with my brother, my days were busy with army toys, baseball, bugs, and dirt.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Strawberry Shortcake and putting my baby dolls to sleep, but if I wanted to have a playmate for the day, I needed to be willing to hawk a loogie or two.

Now that I’m a mom of girls, my days are filled with pink and chatter.  When I go out with all three I get a lot of comments from strangers.  Sometimes I will be told how cute they all look together and how lucky they are to have each other.  More times I get a lot of good-natured jibes about how I’m going to have my hands full in the future or my life must be very hectic managing the emotions of three girls.  I’ll admit, I’ve even smiled and given nods of agreement.  I kind of regret those moments of concurrence.

All too often we like to point out that girls equal drama and strife.  Perhaps they do, but there are moments that happen between my girls that are so over the top girly and sweet that I will take whatever drama and strife is destined for me in the future.

An example would be yesterday afternoon.  Pixie had asked my mom and me if she could play with the princess dresses my mom had.  My mom obliged and shortly after Pixie was dressed and bejeweled, Sprite asked if she could join in on the fun.  Within a few minutes we had a couple of princesses asking for music to dance to.  We turned on a CD for them and then continued with our conversation.  My mom motioned for me to look over at the girls.  They were just starting to curtsy to each other to start a dance.  Then they grabbed at each other hands with so much purpose, as to do it as princess like as possible, and danced a sort of two step around the room.  Pixie then stopped and held her hand up so Sprite could hold onto it and twirl.  It was as if they had been working on this choreography for weeks.  Quite possibly one of the sweetest moments I’ve witnessed between these two.

I definitely never pictured such a moment with my fictitious future boy children back in the day.


3 thoughts on “Girls

  1. I know!! My mom was getting really upset because she couldn’t find her camera. I was enjoying the moment so much, I was kind of glad, because they probably would have stopped a lot sooner had they known we were paying attention.

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