Little Visitor

Summer has been rolling along.  The kids were just starting to show signs of boredom, when we had a visitor.  A cute little cat who they can’t agree on a name for.  A few weeks ago we put bird feeders in the nectarine tree out back and now we have a lot of birds coming by to eat.  I think these birds attracted the cat.

The girls are so excited to see him come by.  I really wish that we can have a cat of our own, but for now this little guy will have to do.  The second evening that he came by we fed him a can of tuna.  I think that won him over.  Clarabelle couldn’t stop talking about him and was worried that he wouldn’t come back, but he did.  Today me and the girls were at the market and I let each of them pick out a can of cat food for our little buddy.  Clarabelle was very concerned that about feeding him.  She was worried that he wouldn’t be used to a new cat food and we could harm him.  I was able to convince her that it would be OK.  Poor Clarabelle, the weight of the world is always upon her.

BUT!  He came back and Clarabelle lit up and fed him the can of food that she had picked out.  The girls spent hours outside visiting with that cat.  I loved watching them.


One thought on “Little Visitor

  1. Aaawww! And what a lucky cat! If he is someone else’s pet, he is getting super spoiled! If he is a stray, he is getting a home of sorts. Lots of people have an “outdoor only” kitty. Woohoo, no litter box to deal with…

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