Breaking the Bank

When Clarabelle was a toddler my parents had a bank that was in the shape of a bull.  Clarabelle loved that bull so much.  She would always ask for change so she could see the bull and “feed” it money.  On her third birthday my parents gave her a bull bank.  She was so happy to get her bull.  I was quite amused.  That bull clashed with all of Clarabelle’s girly things in her room, but she loved it so much, she insisted on keeping it on her dresser, in plain sight.

This past 4th of July Clarabelle decided to break her bull bank and cash in on it.

So my dad did the honors of “breaking open” the bull.

Earlier that day, just before we left for my parents’, Clarabelle had asked me to see if there was a stuffed animal Appa, from The Avatar available.  I did a quick search online and could only find one, but it was $200!  Fish and I quietly debated on the drive over about whether or not we should let Clarabelle spend all her money on a stuffed animal.  It WAS her money and she has been saving it for 5 years.  I’m always torn in situations like this.  Fish and I are pretty strict with day to day rules, but every once in a while I like to surprise the kids with something out of the ordinary.  To say yes to something that normally I would say no to.  I knew that this could be a moment to teach Clarabelle about the importance of saving money and maybe she should put some money in savings, but in this instance, I didn’t want to.  I did tell her that we would think about it all when we got home because $200 was a lot of money and it took her 5 years to save it all.  She was open to discussion.  It turned out that the bull had $64 in paper money alone and I’m sure there was much more than that in coin (we haven’t yet counted all of it yet).

The next day Fish and Clarabelle hit the computer in search of Appa.  It turns out that the Appa I saw online was for the new movie The Last Airbender.  Fish found another Appa made by Nickelodeon from the cartoon series Avatar, which is the show we have fallen in love with.  The movie, not so much.  The bonus?  The Avatar Appa was only $40!  Clarabelle was so thrilled she offered to pay for Pixie and Sprite to get stuffed animals of their choosing also.

The hardest part of this whole story?  WAITING FOR APPA.  Every day Clarabelle asked how many days were left before he got here, and she would get her hopes up every time she heard a truck in the neighborhood, “Oh no!!  It’s just the water, the trash, street cleaner!!!  AAAAAHHH, when is Appa cooooming?”  She always had a smile on her face.  I was impressed with her patience.

Today I took Pixie and Sprite to visit my parents.  Clarabelle stayed behind to wait for Appa, he was scheduled to be delivered.  When I came home, I was greeted by a very happy girl and a big fluffy lovable creature.


5 thoughts on “Breaking the Bank

  1. Awwwwwww!!! What a great story! I love Appa so much better than that bull bank. Your life is so funny. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  2. Aww! She is so sweet! Way to be patient too Clarabelle! I know I have a hard time waiting when something I really want is coming in the mail. And it was really really sweet to offer to buy something for her sisters too.

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