The Rules, According to Pixie

Fish has had some stomach issues lately and he left a bottle of Pepto-Bismol out on the kitchen counter the other night.  The next morning Pixie came into the kitchen as I was making breakfast.  She asked me what that pink bottle was on the counter.  I told her that it was daddy’s medicine.  She started to giggle as if I had made a joke.  I asked her what was so funny and she answered, “That can’t be daddy’s medicine!!  It’s Pink!!”


4 thoughts on “The Rules, According to Pixie

  1. I just read an article about a boy whose favorite color was pink. His dad did some research and found that as recently as the 1900s, pink was considered a manly color and blue was considered a femaley color. Tell her that and see what she says. 🙂

  2. I went to pick my son up at “camp” (same as preschool, but different) and he was wearing a pink skirt over his shorts. No one could tell me how that came to be. I took it off as we were leaving and he said – “pink skirt on!” but didn’t fuss too much when I told him it had to stay at school.

    I was like…I know every week at camp has a theme, but crossdressing is not one of them 🙂

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