The Countdown

As much as I’d like to say I have all sorts of deep thoughts on my mind, the reality is my existence has turned into the countdown till my boob surgery consultation.  There you have it.  I’m shallow and egocentric.  I have a week from tomorrow left.  I have these fears that for some weird reason I won’t be a good candidate for surgery.  Absurd off the wall thoughts, that I’m even too embarrassed to write here, THAT absurd and off the wall they are!

When I’m not thinking about my boob appointment I’m working my butt off to make money to pay for the procedure.  I’m just one big boob at this point.  Which is the whole problem, in a nutshell.


4 thoughts on “The Countdown

  1. “I’m just one big boob at this point.” That, in a nutshell, is why I love you. Not the fact that you’re a boob but the fact that you say stuff like that. 🙂

  2. I seriously want a tummy tuck. To earn my own money to pay for it would be the icing on the cake that probably led to me needing a tummy tuck in the first place. Any Etsy marketing tips or ideas you’d like to share?

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