Lost: Tortoise

We lost our tortoise a few days ago.  I was trying to play it cool through the drama but I was really freaking out on the inside.  Fendi, the tortoise, lives in a habitat in the garage.  It’s well lit and warmed with a heater.  I like to air Fendi out periodically and let him roam the backyard.

Friday afternoon Fendi was in the back yard and I got busy with something inside.  Later, the kids came in to relzx.  Fendi was left outside for the rest of the afternoon.  By nightfall, we couldn’t find him.  Clarabelle was a little upset and worried, but we assured her he would show up the next day.  He didn’t.

Damn that tortoise!!  I was pretty sure that there was no way he could leave the back yard and there were no dangers for him, but there were a lot of places for him to hide.  By now, Clarabelle was getting much more vocal about her worrying.  Fish and I even completely tore out a huge geranium in the back yard looking for him.  Fendi loved that geranium.

The next day, Fendi was found!  Yay!!  He was hanging out by the spigot.  He was probably thirsty by then.  Everyone was so happy to see him again.  A few hours later Clarabelle tells Fish and I that she wants to sell Fendi and buy a hamster.


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