Midlife Something?

In the past few months Fish has gotten braces, started a workout and “diet” plan, has lost 20 lbs already and plans to lose more.  He is now in the process of getting a motorcycle license and plans to purchase a motorcycle in the near future.

Now I know what you may be thinking, “Madge, you need to see the writing on the wall.”  I have read the writing on the wall and have even grilled Fish numerous times about our relationship.  I’m not stupid.  He swears that we are fine and he just has wanted to do these things for a long time and we’re finally in the position to follow through.  Which is true.  In the off chance that he’s full of crap, I have already warned him that there will be hell to pay for if he does me wrong in any way.  I kid, sort of.

So, to counter all of this silliness (ha!) I decided it’s time for me to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I have made an appointment for a consultation with a plastic surgeon to undergo a breast reduction.  The only reason I haven’t considered doing this prior, is that the kids were a lot younger and I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of recovering in bed while listening to an infant scream for her mama.  Now the kids are older and the screaming for mama is more of a constant hum that I can ignore for longer periods of time.

My consultation appointment is in two weeks and I cannot wait.  I have decided to start putting pictures on my blog, but don’t hold your breathe in the hopes of any boob shots here.  That would go against my life long rule of never allow any of your personal body parts to get photographed.  It has served me well.


4 thoughts on “Midlife Something?

  1. It sounds to me like Fish is just in the same place you are: realizing your kids are a bit older and he has a bit more time to spend on himself. Also, he’s probably realizing he’s not getting any younger. 😉 (We love you, Fish, honest! That’s not a dig!)

    I love your lifelong policy against personal-parts photographs. I have the same policy!

  2. I say, good for him for taking care of himself! I think this is more about what you said about the kids being older and being in a better position to do these things and not anything unseemly. And if it were, there’s nothing you could do about it anyway. If a man has it *that* in him, they’ll do it fat, thin, rich, poor, happy, sad…whatever. So don’t you worry about that. Just enjoy your new boobies. hahahaha

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