As I’m catching up with friends on Facebook and via email and reading about all the activities their kids are involved in, I’m starting to feel tremendous guilt for the lack of activities that my kids are participating in.  It’s not for lack of me offering.  I’ve looked at all of the classes and activities available for the summer and went over them with the kids and they just don’t want to do them.  I’m still paying a good amount of money each month for Karate, but I’ve given up on that.  Clarabelle outright refuses to go, Pixie will go, but cries the entire time that she is there.

They keep themselves very busy around the house.  Running around out back, playing with their dolls and other toys, drawing, coloring, chasing, bubbles, wading pool, etc.  I just can’t get them to go to a structured event on a regular basis.  I’m even a little worried about Pixie starting preschool.  I can already tell that she’s going to have a hard time being left there, but I can’t bend my decision to put her in preschool.  I think it’s really important for her to have that exposure before Kindergarten.  Fish and I both came to the agreement that we could let Karate go because that was supposed to be extra curricular, but school needs to be mandatory.

I try to schedule at least one outing a week for all of us.  Simple stuff, like the petting zoo, the park, the beach, visiting grandma, meeting up with friends.  That sounds busy when I type it out, but the reality is that we’re home a lot of the time.  We all have fun together and nobody is begging to go anywhere, but I still feel the guilt.

Also, I can’t get Clarabelle to go ANYWHERE.  No outing sounds like fun to her and I hate to think how solitary her life will be if she doesn’t get over this soon.  I think I need to take her back to her doc and find out a way around this fear of leaving home.  She is looking forward to 3rd grade, mostly because it’s pretty much right across the street from our home and she can skip over there.

So yeah, this is me being stupid and laying the guilt on myself, but I only have one chance to get this right and I feel like I might look back and say, “wow, you really screwed that up, didn’t you?”


3 thoughts on “Underscheduled

  1. We are home a lot too. We also try to get out once a week but it’s hard. We can’t afford extra curricular activities so we are stuck at home. Good lick with Clarabelle. I’m an introvert myself I have to force myself to go out. It does get easier the more it happens.

  2. I dread the day when Annalie wants to get into sports or lessons of some kind. I like not having to chauffeur her all over the place and I’m glad I don’t have to spend my weekends at sporting events. I figure the times we stay home and do nothing much are balanced by the times we travel and visit friends. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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