On A Dime, It Turns

We had the most relaxing enjoyable day today.  The kids were keeping themselves busy, I started watching episodes of House while knitting, my parents even stopped by for dinner.

Lovely, it was.  AND THEN, just as everyone was settling down and getting ready to relax before bedtime, Clarabelle ran outside and got stung by a bee.  I can’t even describe the drama surrounding this event.  There was screaming and tears and more screaming.  I felt very ill equipped to deal with the situation as I have never been stung by a bee before.  I don’t know how much they hurt, or how long the pain lasts.  I did know to scrape the stinger off with a credit card though.  Those stingers are huge.

So now, the drama has passed and Clarabelle has lingering concerns about infection, losing her foot, dying…


6 thoughts on “On A Dime, It Turns

  1. Oh man. I’ve never been stung by a bee either, though I stepped on a sweat bee once (a type of ant) and that hurt, but not enough to make me scream. Poor Clarabelle. I hope she calms down soon.

  2. I haven’t been stung by a bee either, though I stepped on a bumblebee that stung me, which was painful for only a short time.
    I hope you can help her chill out.
    At least she now knows she’s not allergic like the nerdy glasses kid in My Girl. 😉

  3. Last summer when I was stung by a fire ant (I think they sting, not bite, right?) I had to drive teh kids home through the mountains by myself and I kept having panic attacks like, “Is this anaphylactic shock? Am I going to pass out RIGHT NOW ON THIS CLIFF WHILE DRIVING? Should I ask the nice Border Patrol Men if I’m dying?” and etc. Turned out to be just fine that evening. So I relate. lol

    @Sonja – That’s Thomas J, man. And don’t make me cry. Her mom’s going to take care of him. *sniff*

  4. All these people who haven’t been stung by a bee – you’re lucky!

    I have been stung just a few times, once rather recently and it hurt and I was going to die! Not really though, but it did hurt. I can be a tad dramatic. When Adam and Carus got stung last year I distracted them by trying ‘home remedies’ for the sting – like put a penny on it, ice cubes, peanut butter…not sure how long it hurt them, but it wasn’t long until they didn’t complain about it.

    Except with evil fire ants – I was stung/bit by a swarm last year and those hurt way worse than a bee sting.

  5. Oh wow, all these stories of stings and bites, I consider myself very lucky now. My patient is much better. She’s hobbling around but can laugh about the whole incident now. I’m glad because last night I thought she was going to pass out from fear.

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