It’s Like An Encyclopedia, But Better

I’m trying to figure out why some people equate NOT watching TV with higher intelligence or a better level of living?  I don’t care if you don’t want to watch TV and I’d never judge you for it, so what’s wrong with my mild obsession with Reality TV?  I mean, I do have standards.  I dumped The Bachelor last year and I won’t go anywhere near Dancing with the Stars.  Heck, I even stopped watching American Idol, after all the really mind melting dumbfoolery of the first couple of episodes.

TV is awesome.  There’s a lot to be said for pop culture.  I don’t want to be complaining or anything, but I hate the buzz kill that occurs when you get amped up to talk about something on TV and you get a short, “I don’t watch TV.”  Can’t you just lie and say, “Oh, I missed that episode.”  Stop making me feel like a slobbering buffoon just because I happen to like to unwind to a cheesy Lifetime movie.

I gotta go, my DVR is getting full…


6 thoughts on “It’s Like An Encyclopedia, But Better

  1. I’ll admit to HATING most reality TV with a passion. But I know a lot of smart people who watch a lot of it, so I don’t assume everyone who watches reality TV is a low-class boorish idiot. I try to do my eye-rolling in private! 😉 Those same people who never miss an episode of Real Housewives could very well think my habit of reading Regency romance novels when I want something light, fluffy and uplifting is pointless and dumb. But you know what? We all have to unwind somehow! (Also, I’ve actually learned quite a bit of history from those novels. But I digress.)

    I agree with you that today’s pop culture is actually quite sophisticated in many ways. Look at TV shows like Battlestar Galactica or Mad Men or even Avatar: The Last Airbender, and how complex the storylines are and how multifaceted the characters are! People expect more out of even their casual TV viewing than they used to.

  2. Oh! I didn’t even mention my favorite shows! I need to dig deeper into that topic. I can’t really explain my Reality TV obsession, other than to say that I’m extremely nosy and like to look into the lives of other people, even though I do realize that most of what I’m seeing is quite staged. I have to say that I find documentaries just as fascinating. Also, maybe I am a bit addle brained because I also really enjoy shows like How It’s Made. I could watch factory machines do their thing for hours on end.

  3. I grew up watching A LOT of TV. Some of it was junk but I also learned a ton from it not the least of which is the English (Spanish being my first language). Sadly, my attention span is ZILCH after I’ve had kids. I used to could sit and watch TV all day (literally…movie after cheesy movie) and really enjoy it. Now? Notsomuch. Some shows I can sit down for. It just depends. It usually doesn’t last long. Right now I love and am able to watch: ANTM, Cake Boss, Beautiful People and Modern Family. And the DVR helps a lot with that because if I miss something or the show altogether, I can go back and watch (re-watch) it. I’m a big fan of movies still.

  4. I’m ‘that person’ and I’m ok with that. I just …well, don’t find tv interesting. I don’t remember to watch anything regularly and I live with three other people who worship the remote, so it really is a good thing.
    That said, I can lose *hours* on the web doing nothing constructive.

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