For CB

When you were one and a half daddy and I took you to the Fair.  It was a really hot day in July.  You hadn’t started walking yet so you stayed in your stroller or in daddy’s arms during our visit.  Daddy was starting to get a little edgy because it was so hot and crowded.  I didn’t want our visit to the Fair to be a total bust so I was determined that you see the pig races before we left.

Daddy was a little leery of this venture.  He was hot and wanted to go go go, but I convinced him to hang out near the opening of the stadium and hold you so you could see those piggies race.  Your eyes were wide openwith curiosity.  What was in that box at the end of that dirt track?  What was everybody waiting for?

The race was about to start.  Mama and daddy were rooting for our favorite pig, Albert Swinestein.  They let those piggies go and you started to squeal right along with them.  You had never seen anything like that before.  Albert won.

We giggled all the way home.


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