That Room!!!

Seriously, I’m so over it.  Not really, but that’s how I have felt a few times this past week.  How hard can it be to fill a room with toys and a tv and be done with it?  It’s pretty much impossible.  Ask me, I know.  Halfway through this project I started to feel guilty because I realized that I was making a cocoon of activity in the back of the house.  Away from me and Fish.  That guilt only lasted about 5 minutes as we were able to sit in the living room and have a complete discussion without interruption.

***I’ve added a drinking game for you: Go ahead and bring out the liquor, take a shot whenever you read “TV”.  You’re welcome.***

SO!  I got the bookcase/TV stand into the room and then all of the girls’ toys.  Lastly, we needed to get a TV.  We purchased one that we thought would work out perfect, only to have major sound issues.  All music would blast through the speakers, but the minute there was dialogue you couldn’t hear a word of what anyone was saying, and it was off by a fraction of a second so it looked like all the voices were being dubbed.  We decided that we would return that TV and get another one, until we realized that the Wii wouldn’t connect to the TV we were returning, nor the TV we were going to replace the current on with.  Something about the Wii have RCA cables and the TV only accepting HDMI cables.  Fish and I spent all day yesterday debating whether or not we should pay another $100 for a converter cable to make the Wii work or switch our TV that DOES work with the Wii in our living room and buy a replacement for the living room or, FORGET IT!!  Nothing will work!  BOO!! HISS!!

We just walked away from these thoughts and went about our business.  Later in the afternoon Fish found another TV that would work and he bought it online.  We took the littles with us this morning to go pick it up and it is now installed in the room with the Wii and a hundred thousand DVD’s.  I just throw food at the kids throughout the day as their muscles atrophy and their bodies pale into little walking glow sticks.  I’m just kidding, the lighting is actually really nice in there.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to get the satellite hooked up.  Hopefully.


5 thoughts on “That Room!!!

  1. It took me a minute to realize what the heck Sonja was talking about with her comment. Ha! I was only drinking Diet Coke in my game. You understand. 😉

    Can’t wait to come see the TV room in person!

  2. Hiccup! What a *hiccup* cool ro *hiccup* om to have. I *hiccup* want one, *hiccup* or another post for the drinking *hiccup* game.

  3. I hear you on the limited mommy/daddy time. Guy & I were alone in the living room yesterday and as soon as he pointed that fact out the kids came out of the woodwork one by one. It was actually pretty funny. But yea, no guilt. Lock those animals up. LOL LOL

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