Karate Chop!

Last week I took Pixie to Karate and she cried and didn’t want to participate.  I’m not sure what happened, normally she loves Karate.  She loves being instructed and performing skills asked of her.  We did show up about 2 minutes late and class had just started.  I thought maybe she was upset because she thought she had missed most of her class already.

Yesterday, I was ready to bribe Pixie with a Happy Meal if she went to Karate and participated with her class.  Again, tears.   What??????  I was so frustrated, mad, upset!!!  I returned home on the verge of tears.  Actually, I DID cry.  What is wrong with my freakin’ kids????  Can they not just show up to a function and BE NORMAL???  Why is there always so much emotion involved with these tasks?  Just run and join your group and have fun, you know, like EVERY BODY ELSE????  Fish was in the middle of a conference call and I just wanted to shout at somebody.  Luckily, I was able to chat online with my new therapist (haha) and she was able to get me to calm down and realize that my kids aren’t turds, they are just their own people with feelings and all that annoying stuff that keeps them from being my own personal robots, like opinions and fears.  The  nerve.

Towards the end of my session chat Pixie’s karate instructor called me and asked me if I could bring Pixie back for a one on one session.  I agreed and then made dinner and did the mom thing with as little resentment as possible for my darling Pixie.

Is that normal?  To feel that kind of resentment over such a stupid moment?  I know it had nothing to do with Pixie and a lot more do to with me, but it was there and I had to work hard at not sprinkling it all over my kid last night.  How dumb is that?  STOOPID.  oh well.

So today came and I took Pixie back to Karate for her one on one session.  It was just us and the instructor.  Nobody to make Pixie feel self conscious or worried, or constipated, or whatever the heck is keeping her from wanting to do Karate.  Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason, it just is and there is nothing you can do to change it.  I learned this lesson with Clarabelle.  She’s a tough teacher, trust me.  Speaking of Clarabelle, this one on one session felt very much like the therapy I used to take Clarabelle.  Hours and hours of therapy are in my mom resume.  The feeling of familiarity was both comforting and horrific at the same time.  If you’ve ever had to endure physical therapy with your infant/toddler  you would know what I mean.

Soooo, Miss H was good.  It was obvious that Pixie was no match for her.  She must have trained with the most stubborn of stubborn because she was slow, methodic and driven.  Miss H is a black belt, so she is hardcore and she wielded my kid into an obedient ninja within 30 minutes.  I even bowed down to her before we left. Oh, you know what Pixie said in the car on the way home?  “I really like Karate, where was the rest of my class mama”  Are you screwing with me kid?  HI YA!


2 thoughts on “Karate Chop!

  1. I think it’s totally normal for you to feel resentment and frustration when your kid is not acting the way you expected her to act. Every parent feels that way in that situation to some degree. What’s important is that you tried hard not to spill it all out on Pixie.

    Also, I was laughing as I read this because oh my word, I was SO much like Pixie in this way as a kid. Did I ever tell you about the ballet class I took when I was about Pixie’s age? I flat-out REFUSED to stand at the barre with the other kids and do the steps where all the moms were watching, but I would stand behind my mom’s folding chair, use it for a barre, and do the steps where no one could see me. That’s pretty typical of how I was as a kid, and even really as an adult sometimes. I do not want to be the center of attention. Ever. I can deal with it now, as an adult, but I still don’t like it very much. I’m pretty sensitive to my environment, and things that other people don’t even notice (like background music, or a smell) will bug me so much I’ll have to leave the room. It’s nuts, I know it, but it’s just the way I am. Pixie will get better eventually at controlling her emotions and her reactions, and she’ll fool everyone into thinking she’s normal, just like I do. 😉

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