Free, FREE!

Guess What?  It’s been a months since Clarabelle has taken Zoloft.  A MONTH!!!  I can’t believe it.  I am so proud of my baby.  She is one awesome kid.  Really.  I mean, she is my most trying, most limit pushing, most passionate kid.  Sometimes it can be hard to deal with all those extremes, but other times, other times, it’s all those extremes that make you realize what an incredible kid you have.  I feel like I’m getting an opportunity to get to know my daughter, in a different way, for the first time.

We’re still ironing out some issues with anxiety and OCD but I think we’ll be able to work through them.  Traveling is a big issue right now.  Before we go anywhere Clarabelle needs to know how long we’ll be in the car, how far we are going, what happens if she gets sick?  Her maturity now does lend her to open up more to reason, so that helps a lot.

Here’s hoping for continued success!


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