A few weeks ago Fish and I decided to start eating better.  We had already changed out diets, getting rid of all processed foods, but we weren’t keeping track of our fat intake or trying to add any more fiber to our diets.  Nor were we keeping track of our portions.  We had always kept track of what the kids were eating but I knew that there could be improvement in grains and meats.

I started a food diary and what an eye opener that was!  Now we’re all about high fiber, whole grains, no red meats, low fats.  I thought the change would be hard but it’s actually been really easy.  My body has started to crave all these foods, which is really shocking to me because I’ve been such a carb queen till now.  I haven’t yet been able to kick my diet soda habit though.  It’s the one thing that I have left from my old ways of eating.  I don’t know if I’m going to try to do anything about that or not.

The big surprise of this change is the kids.  They haven’t complained about a meal once and just eat what we serve them.  I thought we would have reached a lot of opposition but it hasn’t occurred yet.  Tonight I thought maybe I’d be pushing it with them, with Turkey taco meat over salad, pinto beans and baked soy tortillas (which I thought actually tasted kind of gross).  I didn’t doctor it with ranch dressing or anything else other than salsa, but they just dug in and even told me they liked the chips.  They do look forward to their nightly smoothie of soy milk and fruit.  Maybe that makes up for it all.

If you want me to share any of our new favorite meals, let me know.  Soon I’m going to experiment on an oil free Spanish Rice recipe I have in my head.  I’ll be sure to share the results.

Since we’ve started this new way of eating Fish has lost 12 lbs and I’ve lost 7.  I’m hoping to give Fish a run for his money when I get an elliptical trainer.  He’s been doing a pretty hardcore workout in the evenings, but I’m too busy with work to join him just yet.


One thought on “Reduction

  1. I want to know more about your meals. I’ve been a rather sad failure on this front at my house.

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