Guess what???  Clarabelle is in the process of weaning off of the Zoloft.  So far she’s taking an amount everyday that I know she can function on.  Starting tomorrow we will cut that dose in half.  I’m feeling really nervous about this because it’s make or break time.  If she can’t function on the lower dose then we’ve hit a road block and the weaning will end.  I really believe that she is up to the challenge.  Fish and I have talked and talked about how we’re willing to get through this fire, but it’s easy to plan.  The challenge will be that moment when I’m tired and stressed and not up to a battle against the Anxiety/OCD machine.

Things are going really well at school for Clarabelle.  She seems happy and in a good place.  I’m going to feel like a real turd if this plan fails.  So it can’t.


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