In an effort to get my family closer, before we pull the rug out from under them and move away (KIDDING!), Fish and I have been making an effort to plan evenings for us all to get together.  We used to at least see each other on birthdays, but even those plans have been falling through.  Fish and I let everyone know that we would be having dinner at Shakey’s tonight and please come and join us.  The kids had a great time, but so much for us actually visiting, ha!  We spent the evening chasing after and rounding up kids in the arcade.

It was a fun night, even though the food was CRAP! I mean C-R-A-P.  BAD, GROSS, GAG!  They didn’t even have salad.  Who doesn’t have salad???  I’m pretty sure that all the crusts to the pizzas are taken from a freezer, loaded with toppings and then baked in a microwave.  OK, not a microwave, but definitely a toaster oven.

Normally, I probably would not care much about the food, but Fish and I have been really watching what we eat and I saved a bunch of calories during the day anticipating a tasty meal.  Calories!  I’m dieting, can you tell?  I’m really proud of myself because I lost 5 lbs this week.  It really helps when your partner/spouse/significant other has the same goal.  Now we help each other plan healthy meals together, without one of us sabotaging the whole thing.  Oddly enough, I crave good food now.  I love vegetables and whole wheat breads and fiber!  In fact, I’m a lot pickier about what I eat now and if it’s junk food or full of too much fat, I don’t like it.

I have some other issues going on with insulin resistance that I made an appointment to look into it, but now that I’m on a good path, I’m hoping that maybe I an resolve these issues through exercise and diet, not drugs.

Speaking of drugs….Clarabelle!  Tomorrow we are going to the psychiatrist to talk about possibly taking her off of Zoloft.  I think that she is finally reaching a level of maturity where we might be able to learn some coping skills to deal with her anxiety and OCD.  I know we’re going to have to go through the fire and I’m probably going to have moments where I cursed the day we stopped taking those pills but I think it’s for the best.  I know that those drugs have caused her to gain weight and it’s just not healthy.  What is really sad about that whole weight situation is that Clarabelle is on such a strict diet, but kids her age are eating tons of junk food and don’t have to deal with the same weight issues.  I know this sounds very vain but I don’t care.  I don’t want her to start to feel different from others or be picked on over something that she really has no control over.  I hate talking/writing about this issue because I feel like I’m being judged as someone who is kidding themselves, but I know what I know.  If this were a food issue then her sisters would be showing the same signs.  They all eat the same foods.  In fact, the littles eat more  that Clarabelle because I give them things while Clarabelle is at school that I know Clarabelle has to really limit, like cheese and peanut butter.  What kid can’t eat peanut butter without worrying about gaining a pound or two?  Anyhow, enough with the venting.  Wish us luck at tomorrow 🙂


6 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. good luck, lovie luv. I totally believe you on the meds. You know I have that going on right now. Good for you on the diet. Keep up the great work!

  2. We’ll be close by if you need somewhere to decompress!! AND there are kittens and puppies!

  3. I think I might just have to make a schedule of decompression dates. This might be really trying or easy as pie. We don’t know, until we know.

  4. Good luck.
    I can understand your issues over the weight gain and the medication. I am about to stop a medication that is keeping my condition in check because it has made me put on around 22lbs in less than a year, and has done weird things to my skin.
    I am sure dropping the meds will be hard, but you know you are doing it for a good reason. I have my fingers crossed for you.

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