Not Happy

Yesterday I made an appointment with Clarabelle’s psychiatrist for Friday afternoon.  I’m hoping to start weaning her off of Zoloft.  Hopefully we get approval from the doctor.  More about that in another post…

Anyhow, I told Clarabelle that she would be going to school on Friday but I would be picking her up early.  I thought she would be excited about leaving school early on a Friday.  Instead, she started to kind of freak out and tell me that “NO NO NO, she can’t leave school early!!!”  I thought maybe there was an assembly that she didn’t want to miss or something fun.  WRONG.  Clarabelle continues to tell me that if she doesn’t stay in school the school will LOSE MONEY and STOP COMPUTER PROGRAM.  THE LIBRARY WILL CLOSE and there will be NO MORE MUSIC CLASS!!!!

Are you shitting me?  SERIOUSLY?????  Did the school actually tell the kids this?  YES THEY DID and I’m pissed.  I’m fine with them telling the class that it’s important for them to come to school and learn all these great things and how wonderful is it to have knowledge and all that crap.  BUT, don’t  you dare threaten these kids by telling them how much they are going to lose.  I think that is horrible.  I’m sure most of the kids are getting an earful about money at home, why do they have to do this at school?  I’m fine getting the notice sent home telling ME how important it is for Clarabelle to attend, I get it.

So we’ll be starting our trip to the doctor’s with Clarabelle’s anxiety amping up while she pictures the school crumbling in her absence.


11 thoughts on “Not Happy

  1. Blarg!!! Ugh! Groan. It’s like they are brain-washing the kids. I’m so sorry. I will pray for her anxiety and your’s. xo

  2. Ditto with the above. I can’t believe the school is threatening the kids. That is just plain wrong!

    I don’t think the funding is prorated by hours each student is in school. I think it is based on the attendance numbers for each day, which might be why our school has been freaking out over any tardy this year, but leaving early shouldn’t affect those numbers – at least not a hugely significant amount. I would think….

    Thinking of you both!

  3. Too bad they threaten & scare kids with that. That stinks!
    Perhaps this will help Clarabelle (I used to work at that school, so I KNOW STUFF, LOL): The only time the school loses money is when the child is absent. Going home early does not affect funding at all.

  4. Thanks Becca. I tried to explain to Emily that they would get credit for that day also, but she was so stuck on not being there, GAH!!!

    She’ll probably completely freak out when I announce our trip to Disneyland ON A SCHOOL DAY – the HORROR!!! hehehehe

  5. I’ll be sure to tell Clarabelle that MISS SONJA said it would be OK. She trusts other adults before me 😛

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