Playing Hooky

Fish and I had the best day together.  I still need to write about our family trip to the horses and goats, but that will have to wait.  Late last night my mom called and told me that she wanted to pick up the girls early in the morning and take them to get their hair trimmed.  Fine by me.

This morning the girls were out of the house by 9:00.  Fish asked me if I wanted to go out to breakfast.  We’ve been working really hard at eating better and being more active so the idea of going out to eat a heavy breakfast didn’t sound like fun to me.  Instead, I suggested to go to the Balboa Pier and maybe get a coffee after walking the pier.  Fish was happy with that so off we went.

First we stopped at Newport beach and watched people fishing and surfing.  Then we went on to Balboa where we watched a group of sail boats just off the shore.

I also took video of some of the cutest little sand piper babies, but they were so tiny it’s really hard to see them in the video.  After a lot of walking and looking around we stopped for Brunch and had a light meal.  THEN, we went crazy in a candy shop buying a ton of salt water taffy, ha!  I mostly got it for the kids, to have a few pieces every now and then.  I put it in the closet as soon as we got home so I wouldn’t dig into it.

My parents didn’t come back with the girls until late in the afternoon.  It was so nice having a quiet day out and about with Fish.


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