Today we had a wonderful family day that I will write about tomorrow.  Today I’m writing about transplants.  Just like we will be transplants when we move, so will the actual plants that I’m taking with me.

There are two things that I love about where we live, avocados and lemons from our lemon tree outside.  Love, love, love.  Love so much that I don’t want to let them go.  So I’m taking them with me!

Both of these little buggers have taken MONTHS to get to this state of growth.  I honestly thought that my lemon seed just wasn’t going to grow.  It just sat in it’s little pot, hanging out, doing nothing.  Then a couple of weeks ago I saw a teeny bit of green and now we have this…

and then the avocado that we put in water a few months ago….

I picture these little beauties in a sun room when we move.


2 thoughts on “Transplants

  1. A few years ago after cutting up an apple for Carus I was just going to toss the seeds. She decided we should instead plant them to grow trees. I figured it wouldn’t grow because I thought store bought fruit is processed in a way after being harvested that prevents it from sproating. Boy was I wrong!

    We lost those apple trees when I tried to transplant to a bigger pot. But Carus got on a kick of trying to plant everything. Next up was some lemon seeds that produced 3 very strong trees. I let them grow longer before transplanting and successfully separated them into 3 pots. She gave one to me, one to her uncle (who is big on plants), and has one for herself. Hers isn’t doing good and I’m pretty sure we’ve lost it (still a little green left) but mine (and her uncles) is doing great! I really hope to get some lemons from it in the future.

    About the avocado – did you have to do anything particular besides put it in some water? We have not had luck getting one of those to sprout…

  2. That is awesome about the lemon trees, how cool. I’m hoping that I don’t kill my plants when I move them to bigger pots. I don’t have the best luck with that. My dad can make anything grow so I’ll try to get tips from him.

    We’re going to move the avocado from the water to a pot this weekend. All I did was put it in the water. It took a LONG time to see any growth though. Just be patient and maybe change the water every now and then.

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