Before I Forget

Pixie really and truly believes that she is a Princess.  In fact, Clarabelle knows that she can win any argument and bring Pixie to tears simply by saying, “You are NOT a Princess Pixie!”

Yesterday we all went out to lunch.  When our meal was ready, the waiter brought everybody’s plate except for Pixie’s.  He said that he would be right back with her meal.  When he came back he announced, “And this is for the princess.”, as he placed Pixie’s plate in front of her.   Pixie’s eyes lit up and she could barely say “thank  you.”  When the waiter walked away she leaned towards me and whispered, “He called me Princess, mama.”  and I told her, “Well, of course he did, he can obviously tell that you are one!”  She had the biggest smile on her face for the whole meal.

Fish and I hope she believes for a long time 🙂


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