Almost Venting

I was mad, mad, mad earlier this week.  Family drama that has been a bit of  thorn in my side.  I wanted to vent a lot of stuff, but then decided that maybe I shouldn’t.  I’m not going to be anon forever and some family stuff should stay in my head, or semi private hashed out with my close friends.  I can share that this is about family dynamics and grandparents and siblings and all those elements in a family that can lead to frustration and the scratching of one’s head.

As I thought about this situation I realized that these instances strengthen my drive to pursue this move.  I don’t think of this move as running away, as much as I think of running to.


6 thoughts on “Almost Venting

  1. I can totally understand….sometimes I forget about the “filter” between my brain and mouth…and say what is on my mind before thinking about what I am saying.

    Family drama stinks…sorry for that!! You run right to NC and I promise to keep family drama at bay!

  2. I hope you’re not listening to me and my big mouth too much. Ha ha! But I do know from experience that the internet has a way of sneaking up on you and putting every word you say under a microscope.

  3. I bet I can guess what some of the family drama is…UGH. I’m sorry you gotta deal with that crap. I think it’s great that you’re not looking at the move as an escape, though. Because when we move we take our own selves with us, and if we think moving will be a magical solution we’re likely to be terribly disappointed. I speak from experience! 😉 But looking at it as going to something new makes it much more likely that you’ll love it and really get good things out of it, you know?

    You know all this. I’m just babbling because it’s late and we drove for 13 hours today and we’re in a hotel room in Tennessee. That’s enough to make me a bit loopy.

    Miss you! I’m probably going to end a lot of comments like that for a while. 🙂

  4. Boy, do I know about family drama. My solution was and is to only associate with people who help me feel good about myself. I have eliminated a few people from my life…and that includes a sister and a sister-in-law.

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