Valentine’s Day

was fun.  We didn’t do anything special.  I had gotten the girls a few little things with candy and set it out for them to get in the morning.  The weather today was really dry and heading to warm, which really wrecked my sinuses.  I was so tired and had a horrible headache all day today.  Another reason that I was feeling crummy is that I’ve been eating way too much junk.  We’ve had take out a few times this past week and some goodies.  My body isn’t used to that crap anymore and it didn’t want to function with that stuff in my body.

Two nights ago our landlord called and said he would drop by for a visit on Saturday (yesterday).  Yesterday morning Fish and I were wondering if the landlord was going to inform us that he wanted to sell the house.  We were trying to decide our game plan if that occurred.  Would we look for a place to rent until our plans to move next year?  Or would we just go straight away to North Carolina?  Technically, we could make it happen this summer, but we would be more comfortable with next summer.  It was tempting to think about, but we didn’t need to worry about any of that, being that the landlord said nothing of the sort.

I have so much work to get caught up on.  I better dive into it now.


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