Uppity Up UP

It’s been a good two days.  I think I know my slump reasons now.  GUILT.  When the kids have been doing the same old same old for a few days, I feel like I’m letting them down somehow.  When they’ve hung around the house while I do chores for a couple of days in a row I feel such tremendous guilt.  I always think that maybe I’m doing this mom thing totally wrong.  Maybe I should be doing more more more?  What AM I supposed to be doing?  I don’t know!

All the guilt was kept at bay the past two days because we had events to attend and celebrate and be happy as a family about.  Like Pixie getting her Yellow Belt in Karate – WOOOHOOO!!!  I’m sure many are sick of hearing about that damn belt by now but I’m NOT.  Pixie is my shy timid one.  I’ll admit that there are many times throughout the day that I will find myself frustrated and telling Pixie to SPEAK UP.  She’s a follower through and through.  She loves rules, although she likes to test them on a regular basis, but even her testing is kind of half hearted.  To see my little girl stand up in front of a huge crowd of people with her class and earn her yellow belt made me so happy.  Afterwards we all celebrated as a family.  Clarabelle and Sprite were happy for their sis too.

This morning I helped out in Clarabelle’s class with a Valentine’s Day project.  I met a new mom who just quite homeschooling and enrolled her son in Clarabelle’s class.  She was really nice and we spent most of the morning gabbing away.  We talked about preschools in the area.  I need to figure out where I’m going to take Pixie.  I’m pretty sure she would love a chance to go to class.

We received a big surprise in the mail today.  My grandma and aunt from Back East sent a big box with lots of gifts for the girls.  The girls have never met their Eastern relatives.  That might change in a little over a year 🙂  I would love for them to meet their family out there.

I also gathered a lot of stuff for the ARC truck to take away today.  They come about every two weeks and I’m using that opportunity to get rid of all our extras before the move.

Lots of plans, lots of fun, happy family.  It’s been a good two days.


4 thoughts on “Uppity Up UP

  1. Hooray for good days, shy yet board-breaking 4-year-olds, and random surprise packages!

    By the way, thank you for the Valentine cookies! We got them the other day and ate them on our drive up to the Sticks. They were delicious. 🙂

  2. Yay, glad you got them and liked them. My flour is kind of “healthy” and while I’m used to it, I worry that others might notice a difference, or break a tooth.

  3. You are not alone with the guilt feelings! I feel the same way almost every single day when I go to work or have to miss putting the kids to bed because of my schedule. Trust in your heart and believe me when I say you are an amazing Mom!

    And hearing about Pixie’s yellow belt is never a bore. How exciting!!! I loved seeing the pictures!!! I think extracricular (spelling) activities are great for kiddos. Colin is going to start co-ed indoor soccer in March after many years of tagging along for all of Anna’s stuff.

    Yah for meeting a fellow Mom!!! Colin’s preschool is a co-op and this Wednesday is my co-op day to volunteer in his classroom. I would greatly suggest a co-op if you can find one. Tuition is usually lower and you are involved in the school which would help you meet other families. Win-Win situation.

    We might be vacationing in Topsail, NC this year. My sister and her husband are looking to rent a house. Is this anywhere near where you guys vacationed?



    p.s. I did not share my cookies…lol! thanks again!!

  4. I just now read your response to my comment, and I had to laugh. I make almost all of my cakes and cookies with half all-purpose, half whole-wheat flour, and have done so for years. Often when people eat my chocolate chip cookies they’re all, “Oooh, these are so good, there’s something *different* about them…what’s your secret?” I always love seeing the expression on their faces when I tell them that the secret is making the cookies extra-healthy.

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