The Story

First, thank you ladies for pepping me back up.  Nino, you are on to something, I haven’t had a chance to workout in the past few days because I have been too busy with work.  That has put me in a slump emotionally and I’m going to have to sweat to the endorphins to get back on track!

OK, the albondigas story.  I used to watch a show called Hope and Gloria.  A sitcom from way back.  There was an episode in which the character who I believe was Hope (later she played the mom on Dead Like Me and Men In Trees) wanted to find her dad, who she never knew.  Her search lead her to Adam West, the guy who played Batman.  After spending time with Adam West they figured out that he wasn’t her father after all and they had a goodbye scene together.  It went like this….

Hope: it’s so hard to say goodbye, so I’ll say it in another language, “Albondigas”

Adam West:  “Albondigas”

Adam West leaves her apartment, Hope shuts the door and says, “Oh my God!  I just said MEATBALLS to Batman!!!”


6 thoughts on “The Story

  1. I just edited my mistake on the name of the show too, haha. Hope and Hope? that didn’t make any sense!!

  2. P.S. We need to figure out how we ca contact other on the Wii…to encourage and cheer each other on.
    I know there is a way…and my Wii is hooked up the wireless internet…now to figure it out.

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