Give and Get

A few weeks ago, when we had friends over, Clarabelle gave one of her toys to her friend.  I think she parted with it so freely because she thought she had two of the same toy, but it turns out that she didn’t.  It was a Happy Meal toy from years ago.  It was a like a Magic 8 Ball but in the shape of a heart with fur fringe.  When I pointed out to Clarabelle that there wasn’t a duplicate of that toy she tried to convince her friend to return the toy back to her.  I told Clarabelle that once you give to someone, it’s not very nice to take it back.  I also told her that if you give freely, often times you get.  I told her that maybe we could find a similar toy later in the week and she was happy with that.

The very next day I got a Family Fun magazine in the mail and it had this craft project in it!!  I couldn’t believe it.  Right away I showed Clarabelle and we made plans to make the craft that weekend.

Here is the result of our project…

Clarabelle wrote the words on her foam hearts.  Since Pixie and Sprite can’t read yet, I drew happy, sad, surprised, etc faces.


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