I just put some banana bread into the oven to cook.  One of the ingredients was buttermilk.  This made me think of my dad because he used to drink tall glasses of iced cold buttermilk with a dash of pepper.  Usually after working in the garden or doing yardwork.  I used to have a glass with him every now and then.  Just thinking about it now grosses me out, but there were lots of gross things I used to eat with my dad as a kid.  Like pickled pig’s feet, cold and gelatinous from the fridge (GAG!) and sardines on crackers.  I don’t think my girls would dare eat these things.  I was craving sardines the other day but I guess they aren’t so popular because I can’t find the kind I like at the market anymore.  I will NEVER EVER eat a pig’s foot though.  I can’t believe I thought those things were tasty back then.


2 thoughts on “FOOD

  1. Buttermilk with a dash of pepper. Oooooh-kay…

    I used to drink iced pickle juice. Like, the leftover juice from the pickle jar. I also used to eat braunschweiger as a kid…but I still do eat that. 🙂

  2. Fish drinks juice from the jar too, it freaks me out. I worry that too much vinegar could be bad for you or something. Braunschweiger! We used to eat that too, but I never liked it very much.

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