Clearing the Pantry

We don’t really have a pantry but the shelves we use as a pantry needed to be gutted.  It seems that Dec/2009 was the popular date for all my canned goods to expire.  Poor Fish is going to be lugging out some heavy trash bags tonight.  Now that we are almost completely processed foods free, there is a lot more room shelf space available.  I don’t think we’ll be needing it though.  We’re starting to pack up items in the cabinets that we rarely use and storing them in boxes, ready to move.  MOVE.  It seems so much more real when I type it.

The much anticipated rain storm has arrived and I’m looking forward to a night of listening to the rain and working late into the evening.


4 thoughts on “Clearing the Pantry

  1. I started “thinning” my stuff out about 1 year before our move. The more stuff u take the more it will cost…and if you haven’t used it in the last year THROW IT OUT!!!

  2. DONATE!! Don’t throw that away! Find a food bank and donate it. The dates are ‘best used by’ not expiration dates. It’s not milk!! DONATE DONATE DONATE!!! 🙂

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