Our shower has a large window about shoulder high that faces the street.  The window is kinda sorta frosted, not offering the most privacy, but during the day it’s not glaringly obvious to anyone on the sidewalk that the shower is in use.  However, night time is an entirely different story.  I have just started to take my showers in the evening again and I feel like I’m the star of a peep show when the lights are on in the bathroom.  Instead, I take a candle into the bathroom and use minimal light from the hallway to get through my shower.

The first item on my  TO DO list is to get a curtain for that window!


4 thoughts on “NOW SHOWerING

  1. That same set up was in the window when we moved here, but the condition of the curtain was so gross I trashed it and then never replaced it. I picked up a new curtain today!

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