The Lump

Fish has had a lump on the top of his tummy since forever.  It never bothered him much because it was always there.  Until, recently.  He started to worry more and more about that blasted lump.

Some days he would worry more than others and on those days he would drink…

…and we would try to guess what that lump was.  Fat?  Food?  I had a theory that it was a vanishing twin and we named it Marcus.

Finally, Fish went to the doctor to find out what that lump was.

As soon as Fish left the doctor’s office he called to tell me that he finally had an answer!  It was a…..

Oh wait no, bad phone connection.  A HERNIA!  and it’s non life threatening so he can lay off the booze now.


4 thoughts on “The Lump

  1. Glad he knows what the lump is so it doesn’t worry him anymore – and glad it doesn’t hurt and isn’t so bad it worries him more.

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