I’m in a bad mood right now.  Not mad not sad, more ornery and agitated.  It’s making me hate stupid people on tv who make dumb decisions.  Also, making most commercials seem incredibly annoying.  Like the new Office Max commercial with the chick preparing for her presentation and showing up with her smug mug to the office meeting.  Oh go home!  I’m watching Hoarders and I just want to knock everybody’s heads together.  They are doing it ALL WRONG.  Forget all of the psycho babble.  Send in a drill instructor and a bulldozer and be done with it.  For reals.

Today.  I ran a lot of errands and age a bunch of raw vegetables with hummus.  I can’t get enough of that stuff.  Now I have heartburn.

I have so much work to get done it is not even funny.  I’m not going to complain though because the money can go to the moving fund.  I’ve been thinking about moving a lot but I don’t want to focus on that right now.  It’s too hard to want something but know you’re a ways away from realizing what you want.

The END.


One thought on “Monday

  1. Goodness, you ARE ornery today! But the raw veggies and hummus sound good even though they gave you heartburn.

    Did Fish watch Chuck last night and tonight? What’d he think? Will he still talk to me even though I don’t watch LOST? 😉

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