Embracing It

This morning I woke up feeling a little blah.  It felt like I didn’t have much planned for the day, but it turns out that I would end up much busier than I anticipated.  That was later.  The morning was an open book.  At first I was going to be a homebody and do a lot of laundry, but  I needed to pick up some produce for tonight’s dinner.  My original idea was to wait until the girls were busy enough playing together so as not to notice me and then I would sneak out for a quick trip to the market.

I had my keys in hand and was just about out the door when I started to feel guilty.  Sprite and Pixie looked like they were up for some adventure so I decided to take them with me.  Even though I didn’t really feel like taking a trip to the market, I decided to turn it around and use that trip to entertain the kids.  I let Pixie pick all the fruits and veggies, she would hand them to Sprite and then Sprite would throw them into my open produce bag.  Twist ties were grabbed by both and ready for me to use.  The highlight of our shopping trip was when I ran laps in the parking lot at full speed.  Their laughter fueled me to run faster and farther.  We were all smiles as we piled into the van and headed home.

I need to remember the little things that make our days fun.

My afternoon was packed with Clarabelle.  Homework, school project, karate, and reading assignments.

Whew, I’m beat!


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