Kind of Like a Joke

Today went on FOREVER.  The kids were restless and tired and then happy then bored then, WHATEVER!  Choose an emotion and run with it you little monkeys.  I was too busy suffering from PMS to want to deal with it all.

PMS!! A whole other bitch fest for me right now.  After years of infertility issues and crazy wacky cycles and never being NORMAL in that department, I now have a perfect cycle.  You know, now that I know we won’t be TTC ever again.  BALLZ.

Oh!  I made Tinkerbell cookies for Pixie’s birthday party tomorrow…

Nobody is coming but at least we’re having a party, DOH!


4 thoughts on “Kind of Like a Joke

  1. My kids are the same and driving me batty. I hope it snows so I can throw them outside. LOL Why isn’t anyone coming? I want cookies, what time shall I be there? 🙂

    p.s. the cycle thing PISSES ME OFF TOO!!!

  2. I loved being pregnant and nursing – no period for two years, no horrible hormonal surges!

    It took me six months of regular periods to get back to normal, and now I’m thinking about trying to have another baby? At my age? Clearly I am insane. But somehow I just don’t feel done.

    ps – sometimes when I look in the mirror I think I look like you. But I don’t want to send you a photo in case you might be insulted by that 🙂

  3. Elizabeth – Nobody is coming because I’m bad at planning ahead.

    Pinky – send me a pic if you want 🙂

    I was once compared to someone and I was so insulted it ruined my week, no pressure or anything though, hahahahaha

  4. I think it is really just hair color and face shape – I put on my fake glasses* (I don’t wear glasses) and I didn’t really look as much like you as I thought 🙂

    *why do I have a pair of fake glasses? I think someone gave them to me for a Halloween costume that never happened.

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