Happy New Year!!

I’ve said goodbye to Twitter and HELLO BLOG.

I know the best way for me to get this done the way I want it will cause a lot of random nonsense to be written but I guess that is me, so there you have it.

Last night I watched the movie INK. It was an amazing indie film that I highly recommend.  The music in very touching.  I already bought the soundtrack on ITunes.  Here is the trailer.  At first it seems like a just a scary movie, but it is so much more.  I was bawling my eyes out by the end of the movie…

So how about those resolutions?  My biggest is WEIGHT.

I am done with it.  DONE DIDDY DONE DONE.  Dreaming of skinny, bony, sickly, for reals.  I have fantasies of getting so sick that I lose 50+ pounds.  That couldn’t be good could it?  Honestly, I’d settle for slender.  Just want to look good in a smart outfit.  Oh, how I would shop for clothes.  I like quirky but when you’re overweight quirky looks clowny.  I don’t like clowny.  Who does?  NOT ME!

Sooooooo….I’m dropping the soda.  MY GOD, I will be angry.  Angry for my bubbles and caffeine, and whatever the hell they put in diet soda now.  I’m probably a cancer bomb waiting to happen.  That’s what everybody tells me.  That and the alzheimer’s, what with all the ALUMINUM I’ve been drinking out of.  Three squares a day, fruit in between.  Fruit for dessert, except on Saturday when I’ll be baking myself something yummy and happy making.  Just one serving of that though.

OH, and there is my Wii Fit.  That lil sucker is keeping me busy in my alternate reality as a band leader, flying eagle and circus juggler.

So that is the plan and I’m sticking to it.  Tired of lumpy, bumpy, feeling like a sausage in a holiday sweater.  Looking forward to feeling my butt bones through my ass and maybe wearing a cute top when I feel like it.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Are you angry? I shall be in a few short days. I will go to diet from regular…ohmigosh this will get ugly. I’d go cold turkey but I have more Pepsi in me than blood, so I might keel over. LOL GOOD LUCK!!! We can do this together! How much do you want to lose?
    Wanna know why I wanna lose weight? So guys notice me and I know that I’m an attractive woman and my husband can be proud of me. And my kids. And myself. I hate being fat. *sigh*

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