Moving On

*written earlier this week, I posted on the wrong blog – I’ll blame the headache*

We’ve been a busy bunch lately.  Pixie and Clarabelle have been in Karate for a few weeks now and they both love it.  Clarabelle took to it right away.  She’s not the most coordinated kid, but nothing gets her down and she’s eager to learn.  I’m really proud of her effort.  She’s continued to be more and more social and has started to make new friends in her class at school and also while she’s at Karate.  Pixie is growing into a big girl.  She is now fully potty trained (including poop!)  I had to bribe her with a Happy Meal to get her to poop in the potty.  She was a little iffy when starting Karate.  The first day she broke down within 10 minutes but every class since then she is loving.  It’s so funny to hear her little voice shout “HI YA!”  My little Mighty Mite.

Sprite is starting to talk more and more.  She is stretching so quickly.  Her and Pixie are sharing tops, but she is still a head shorter than Pixie so she gets her own pants.

Our garden is HUGE right now.  I have some pictures to share of it’s progress.  Right now I’m fighting a huge headache so that will have to wait till tomorrow.



One thought on “Moving On

  1. Glad to hear karate is going well!! That is one sport we have not tried…sshhhh, or Anna will hear my typing about it and ask to sign up! Anna is my social bug and ALWAYS wants to join everything.

    Bribing with a Happy Meal….heck I bribed Colin with a peice of licorice today—just to stay home with me and let Rob enjoy Anna’s soccer game alone. small bribes = happiness for parents and children!

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