A Rare Moment

This morning Pixie and Sprite were hanging out with me in the livingroom.  We were waiting for company to arrive for a day of fun.  Pixie was hanging out on the couch.  Sprite came over to me and asked to sit in my lap.  This is a little unusual for Sprite as she, at the age of 2.5, has become rather independent.

As Sprite sat in my lap I began to smooth her messy hair off her forehead.  I remembered Sprite’s unique spot on her ear and checked to see if it still existed.  It did.  This was the first thing I noticed on Sprite the day she was born.  I rubbed her tiny ear and thought of how much she has grown.  She is finally starting to talk.  She sings and dances frequently.  Her chubby little legs are stretching.  She can share shirts with Pixie.  She loves tipping on her tippy toes.  She loves to meet knew people.  She loves to share new things with her sisters.  Her laugh, her smile.  How much she loves to tease and the big grin that comes with every badger.  The serious eyebrows.  The Pout.

Oh my dear Sprite.  You have come into your own.  I guess maybe it happened before I realized.


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