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This morning I woke up a little groggy.  I heard Fish chatting on the phone with someone.  At first I thought he was talking to my mom because Clarabelle was with my parents all day yesterday and spent the night.  I could also hear Sprite and Pixie fussing away in their cribs.  Turns out Fish was talking to a cousin about something computer related.  The littles were just tired of being in their rooms.

I slowly got everyone ready for the day.  By 11 a.m. we were ready to go to Costco to pick up diapers, baby wipes, and other items.  I’m hoping that we won’t need as many diapers soon.  Pixie has potty training somewhat figured out.  She runs to the bathroom to pee but is afraid to poop in the potty.  I’m slowly trying to entice her to do so.  I don’t feel like pushing the issue just yet.  I was planning on having Pixie start preschool when Clarabelle starts 2nd grade in a couple of weeks, but I think I might wait till after her 4th birthday (the end of December).  I have other plans to keep her and Sprite busy in the meantime.  One of these plans includes dance class, which should be a hoot and a half.

Our shopping at Costco was somewhat uneventful.  Except for the moment when my hands were full of shampoo, conditioner and body lotion and I tried to keep track of running/walking/stopping Sprite, while trying to find Fish and the shopping cart.  That was about 15 minutes of stress that I will consider to be my workout for the day.

Lunchtime then naptime, then Clarabelle came home and we had to begin Grandparent Detox.  I don’t know what those Grands do to my kid but she’s a blubbery mess of stubborn behavior and tears when she returns to us.  By dinnertime (grilled steak and corn!) Clarabelle seemed back on track.  Bedtime for the kids seemed to come quickly after dinner, THANK GOD.

I’ve had a lot on my mind today about our plans to move.  Thinking about how I’ll tell family.  Thinking about dynamics of our family that I wish were better.  Wishing I didn’t have to keep this blog semi anonymous for fear of fallout if they find out too early.  Also thinking about another family member who has been difficult to deal with ever since she came into the family.  At what point do you stop allowing for bad behavior due to mental issues and make people responsible for their actions?  All I would like from this person is some civility and a small effort to be a part of family, instead of their constant craving of drama to rip us all apart.  I bet you didn’t see this last paragraph coming did you?  I guess I didn’t either…


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  1. Okay, I swear I could have written that last paragraph minus the moving info. I have a family member SIL, that I could do without. She just causes WAY too much drama. Frankly I am tired of hearing the standard excuse of her mental health issues. I agree with you, she should be held more accountable for her actions. I am just glad she lives 4 hours away.

    And we have “grandma-mamaw detox” here also. Colin stayed with my parents last night and Anna spent the night with a friend. Anna had a melt down less than 10 mins after she got home. It was her first slumber party and they stayed up till midnight….only the 2nd time she has stayed up this late. You know that saying “what happens at Grandma’s STAYS at Grandma’s”???? Welllll I wish the meltdowns would stay! We have that problem with both grandparents. We are greatful….but sometimes wonder if it is even worth a night alone (date night) is worth the melt down’s the next day…….

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