The Fall garden has been planted and it looks great.  We’re growing corn, radishes, peppers, spinach, lettuce, and a few herbs.  We have already had one critter start to eat on the radish leaves.  We’re trying to figure out exactly what this critter is.  Right now we’re thinking it’s a grasshopper.  We are also growing pumpkins and watermelons.

My baking from scratch is in full swing.  I’ve already made a few batches of regular sandwich bread and cinnamon raisin bread.  Today I was making chocolate chip cookies and the wooden spoon I’ve had since Fish and I were first married broke.  That was kind of sad.

This week I’m hoping to hear from a new doctor to get a second opinion regarding Clarabelle’s issues.


2 thoughts on “Planted

  1. Your garden sounds delicious….right along with the baking!!

    Hope you hear about the second opinion soon….

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