I know it seems as though I have forgotten this blog, but I haven’t.  I really want this process of moving to start but we are a ways away from an actual move.  I’m not good with waiting so sometimes it’s easier for me to just not think about it at all.  I find that when I plan and hope I get sad because waiting comes first.  I’ve also got other things on my mind, like getting Clarabelle ready for school that starts in September.

We’re also working on a Fall garden and a couple of patches of pumpkins in the backyard.  I think we just might have enough of a surplus to sell.  All for fun though.  I’d probably just charge a quarter a pumpkin.  Just something fun for the kids to do.  Maybe I can have them make signs or something.  THAT would be entertaining.

Also, as if all these plans are not enough, we’ve made a decision to eat a whole lot more healthier and from scratch than we have ever done before.  In the next few weeks I will bore you with menu planning and stories of baking our own bread and making our own ketchup.  Since I’m a cheap skate this is going to be more of a transition while we eat through the all the “bad food” in our pantry.  I just can’t throw food away.  Unless it’s spoiled of course!

Tomorrow we will be picking up seeds for a our Fall garden.  If you can think of a good fall veggie, please share!


3 thoughts on “Planning

  1. Ooh, I’ve always wanted to make my own ketchup! If you don’t get around to that, try Trader Joe’s organic ketchup. It has many fewer ingredients than the big-name brands and it’s DELICIOUS.

  2. I used to make my own hot dog chili sause, bbq sauce but never ketchup. It shouldn’t be too hard.

    I understand what you mean about ‘the wait’….I was obsessed with our move to CA to the point I drove Rob nuts. I pretty much rented our apt b4 we were there because I was worried and obsessed about getting everything done. Are you guys leaning towards a smaller town on the outskirts of Raleigh?

    Can’t wait to read about your healthy eating change….we just got 268 lbs of beef this weekend. We bought a 3rd of a cow and paid for the processing. It will help our grocery budget in the end but not my hips. Do you have any good beef roast recipes?


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