One of my concerns about moving is how we will deal with Clarabelle’s issues.  She has been diagnosed with Depression, OCD and Anxiety Disorder.  We have a wonderful psychiatrist that we are working with right now.  I’m hoping that she will be able to refer us to a doctor in NC.

Today I took Clarabelle to a follow up appointment with her doctor.  At earlier visits we had discussed weaning her off of Zoloft by the end of this year.  Unfortunately, some of Clarabelle’s old behaviors are starting to crop up again.  A lot of obsessive behavior and signs of anxiety.  I think we will have to hold off on the idea of weaning as soon as I had planned.

This is one issue that I am most concerned about when it comes to how this move will affect the kids.  I know the younger ones will be able to adjust easier.  I just hope that this transition doesn’t push Clarabelle back further than where we are now.  We’ve progressed so far.  Today the doctor mentioned that this may be something that we will have to medicate well into the teen years.   I hope this isn’t truly the case.


One thought on “Issues

  1. Man, that would be challenging to deal with no matter where you live. Have you talked to the doctor here about the possible move, and asked whether she can recommend someone?

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