Day 1

So here we are.  My new blog.  Excuse it’s appearance.  It’s new and needs some love.

I have decided to stay semi-anonymous.  Reasons for anonymity will be clear as you continue to read.

An Introduction.  I’m Madge, Married to Fish.  We have three young kids Clarabelle, Pixie and Sprite (they picked these names, ha!)

The Plan.  Within this next year we plan to leave Southern California and relocate to North Carolina.  I’m sure the first question would be “Why?”  I think that, as you follow our journey, the reasons why will become more clear.  One glaring reason as of late is frankly, sometimes it’s embarrassing to say we’re from California.  The mess of a budget, the cost of living, the taxes…  I could go on and on.  Eventually, I will.

Any ambivalence left regarding this move has to do with my family.  How will we go about telling them?  WHEN will we tell them?  I do not have any answers.  I hope they will come in time.

A week from today Fish and I will be traveling to North Carolina.  A scouting mission of sorts.  My parents will be watching the kids.  they are a tad bit suspicious about this trip.  They know that Fish and I have been wanting to relocate for a while now.  I’ve told them we just want a getaway to a place we both like, far enough that we can’t shorten our trip because we miss the kids.

This week I’ll probably be writing about packing and preparing to leave for our trip.  Also, I’ll add a lot of gripes about laundry because laundry is the band of my existence.  I want to get the laundry pile to a manageable level, so as not to scare my parents out of my house the first day they are here.  You’d think maybe I could hide my laundry somewhere in the laundry room.  I can’t because I have a laundry closet that is right next to the eat in area of our kitchen.  This is the only plae we eat  because our house is so small.  Oh look!  Right there!  Another reason to relocate.  For the same amount of rent we pay per month we could gain over 1000 square feet of living space and a basement.

Did I mention I run a small business online and Fish also works from home?  Our areas to work include a corner of our bedroom (Fish’s “office”) and a corner of the living room (my “workspace”).  Maybe one day we will have an actual office to work in.  One can dream.

So I am probably going to need a lot of support throughout the coming year.  As much as this venture excites me, change is sometimes hard for me.  As is the unknown.  I have only told a small handful of IRL friends about any of this.  Luckily, most have been very supportive and agree that, if they could, they would like to do the same thing.

Right now I am looking forward to my trip with Fish.  We could use some time alone.  The idea of a conversation during daylight hours with no interruptions will be something to get used to.


4 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. I love the name Chasing the Firefly! I also LOVE the names Clarabelle, Pixie and Sprite because they are sooooo perfect. 🙂

    I hope this means you’ll be blogging more!

  2. Beautiful beginning! and I love your names! and most of all I love that NC is only 550 miles from me vs. 2200.
    Love ya and I will be here to support you all the way!

  3. and….a finished basement is a “piece of heaven!” we use ours for Rob’s office, laundry room and a work-out area. I love having this tucked away from guests.

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